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The GB Design collection

The constant search for lines, shapes and volumes of great aesthetic impact give rise to the bathroom furniture lines of the GB Design collection.

Made in Italy is a formula with a universal value. Everywhere in the world, it evokes the rare beauty that has always characterised the products of Italian genius. A beauty that arises when artisan wisdom meets the creativity of design, just as happens in the bathroom furniture lines of the GB Design collection.

All the lines of this collection are in fact characterised by the search for a high aesthetic quality, the choice of refined materials, the presence of innovative technical solutions and numerous possibilities for customisation.

01. GB Design CUBIK 06 FINAL

Linea Cubik

01. GB Design CLASS 01 FINAL d

Linea Class

01. GB Design gbgr 18 latitudine 01 HR C0

Linea Latitudine

01. GB Design MOON 01 FINAL 2

Linea Moon

01. GB Design gbgr 18 onda 07 HR C0 rev

Linea Onda

01. GB Design OPEN 01 FINAL

Linea Open

01. GB Design gbgr 18 compact 07 HR C0

Linea Compact

01. GB Design Matrix 08

Linea Matrix

01. GB Design SMART 04 FINAL

Linea Smart


Linea Underground

01. GB Design EXTREME 01 G 1

Linea Extreme

01. GB Design Interno Cassetto ALU Dett 1 FINAL 2

Linea Row