Linea l'Atelier Lamè

Able to stand out, thanks to its silvery shine

Brightness and splendour. On these elements we have built the appeal of the Atelier Lamé bathroom furniture line, inspired by the sensations of one of the most iconic fabrics. Sensations recreated by the beauty of the doors worked to create different relief textures, which are the calling card of this bathroom furniture line.

Offered in a wide range of colours, the six different geometric designs are embellished with chrome and gold finish details that define the volumes of this concept.

Customisable elements

Colori laccati opachi e lucidi

Couleurs mates et brillantes / Matt and glossy colours/ Matt und glänzende lacckierte Farben / Colores mates y brillos

400 Antracite

401 Fumo

402 Nebbia

403 Grigio Argento

404 Metropoli

405 Sabbia

406 Seta

407 Agata

408 Moka

410 Turchese

411 Zaffiro

412 Zafferano

413 Ambra

414 Asparago

415 Salvia

416 Creta

417 Latte

418 Ponente

419 Acqua

433 Nero


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